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Regis Practice Week

By Gene Hill, 10/08/17, 8:00AM MDT


Compete Compete Compete!!!  That is the theme this week.  Compete in everything we do.  

JV and Frosh games are Friday at Regis

Varsity vs. Regis 7pm on Thursday

Monday, October 9th    Full Pads  In Stadium

7:30 AM O/D Meeting

10:10 AM Done

Tuesday, October 10th    Full Pads  In Stadium

7:30 AM O/D Meetings

10:00 AM Done

PAINT BALL!!! Noon-4

Wednesday, October 11th  Helmets and spirit packs in Stadium

3:15 PM Special Teams Meeting

5:30 PM Done

Thursday, October 12th    BEAT REGIS

     3:15 PM Team Dinner South Commons

     4:45 PM Tape

     5:30 PM Special Teams Review

     5:40 PM O/D Review

     6:00 PM Stretch

     6:10 PM Specialists

     6:20 PM Exchanges and Form Run

     6:30 PM 7on7 OL/DL Indy (need beanies for Offense)

      6:40 PM 3 Plays O/D

      6:45 PM 3 Punt, 3 FG

          6:50 PM Locker Room

          6:54 PM Captains take field for coin toss

          6:55 PM Take Field/Anthem

          7:00 PM Kickoff

Friday, October 13th

    3:00 PM Varsity Stretch with Coach Hill

    3:15 PM Special Teams Film

    3:30 PM O/D Film

    4:15 PM Done

Frosh @ Regis 3:30 PM bus leaves 2:15  JV @ Regis 6:00pm bus leaves 4:15

Saturday, October 14th

    Players off