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Tryout Information

Tryout Information for the 2023-2024 School Year

The County Cheer Coaches are very excited to kick off another great season at Douglas County High School and we hope you will join us along that journey! Experience not required!

We will be fielding a Varsity team and a Junior Varsity team to fulfill our program's ranks, and if the numbers allow a C-Team too. Per CHSAA rule, the Varsity squad cannot hold more than 28 team members. Coaches will look to put around 20-24 on the Varsity team.

Tryout Week: April 10-14

Please review this tryout packet that covers all things County Cheer for the potential year ahead! Reach out if you have questions on it or if the packet didn't cover your question/concern.

(Updated 3/8/23)

Questions about tryouts? Email us:

Key Tryout Dates

Tryout Schedule

3/23 (Thursday) - Open Gym - 5:30-6:30pm - DCHS South Commons (Free gym time to prepare for tryouts and get some reps in!)

3/30 (Thursday) - Open Gym - 5:30-6:30pm - DCHS South Commons

3/31 (Friday) - Middle School Cheer Clinic - 4:30-6:30pm - DCHS South Commons - MORE DETAILS

4/6 (Thursday) - Open Gym - 5:30-6:30pm - DCHS South Commons

4/7 (Friday) - Tryout Registration Deadline! - FORM

4/10 (Monday) - Tryout Clinic - 3:30-5:30pm - DCHS Cheer Room (South Building)

4/10 - Pre-Tryout Information Meeting (parents & athletes welcome) - 5:30pm - South Building Cafeteria (right after the clinic!)

4/11 (Tuesday) - Tryout Clinic - 4:30-6:30pm - DCHS Cheer Room (South Building)

4/12 (Wednesday) - Open Gym and Mock Tryouts - 5:30-7pm - DCHS Cheer Room 

4/13 (Thursday) - Tryout Interviews - starting at 4:30pm - DCHS Cheer Room - individual time scheduling TBD after registration deadline

4/14 (Friday) - Tryouts - 4:30-7:30pm - DCHS South Building Cafeteria (South Commons)

4/14 - Results posted by 9:30pm 

4/17 (Monday) - Mandatory Parent & Athlete Team Meeting - 7pm - South Commons

Positions must be accepted by 4/18/23.

Make sure you are registered for tryouts!

Fill out the registration form!

You also need to bring a copy of your current physical and a $50 tryout fee (cash or check). 

(Updated 1/17/23)

Tryout Registration Form

Make sure you are registered by 4/7!

Tryout Process

What to Wear: 

White or Black or Grey Shorts with a Purple or White T-Shirt (Plain or general DC/Huskies shirt - can not be DC Cheer related).

No jewelry, please. Hair should be up and back out of each candidate's face. No mask required.

(updated 1/17/23)

Tryout Process Explained:
Candidates will tryout in groups of 3-4 for the coaches.

Tryout Day-

  • Fight Song Performance
    • Candidates will be judged on their voice, confidence, motions, and spirit/enthusiasm.
  • Sideline/Chant
    • Candidates will be judged on their voice, confidence, motions, and spirit/enthusiasm.
  • Jumps
    • Showcase your best jump or jump(s) to tumble (ex: toe touch tuck).
  • Standing Tumbling 
    • Back Handspring (BHS) or Back Tuck.
      • A back tuck will be worth more on the scoresheet
    • Each skill will need to be executed 3 times.
  • Running Tumbling
    • Demonstrate your best tumbling pass.
    • Additional optional skill: demonstrate a different or specialty pass. 
      • Example:
        • Pass #1: Punch front, round off, bhs to full.
        • Pass #2: Round off, bhs, whip, whip, bhs, full.
  • Stunting
    • Demonstration of a stunt or small sequence.
      • Examples:
        • Straight up liberty with a cradle.
        • Full up extension, power press to arabesque, full down.
      • If you are concerned your sequence is too long, please speak to the coaches.
      • If you are a versatile stunter and can do multiple roles, please tryout with the skill and position that you think best exemplifies what you can bring to the team from a stunting perspective.
    • Candidates should know who they are stunting with before Part 2 of tryouts begins. Use the practices/clinics/open gyms in advance to plan ahead.
      • Scenario: If I am basing another candidate's stunt for their tryout, I should be ready to go into their tryout so they can be judged properly and the tryout can continue to run smoothly. Participating in their tryout can affect my own tryout score if I choose to count that stunt as my tryout stunt. Alternatively, I choose to stunt to help someone else's tryout, then when it is my turn to do my tryout stunt I do a differing skill or with a different group to be judged on.

Tryout Material

In addition to performing the sideline and the fight song, tryout candidates will be expected to showcase their other cheerleading skills (jumps, tumbling, stunting).

Tryout Sideline on YouTube

Executing this sideline with spirit and enthusiasm will be a significant portion of the tryout. The spin displayed in the video is for educational purposes only and is not part of the sideline's motions.

Fight Song on YouTube

Performing this fight song at tryouts will be required.

Fight Song Lyrics:

Go you Huskies fight the enemy,
Make them kneel before our varsity.
We're behind you with our battle cry, 
Indestructible a do or die;
For D.C. High we've got the Huskie pride
We are brave and we are might'.
Fight! Fight! For D.C. High!
We are the Purple and White.